How video games become the addiction of children?

From last few years, video games became the excellent way of entertaining in the entire world. Video games and other digital games can be found in every home today, and we can play it on our smart phones and computers also. It becomes a serious issue for people. Those who do not know when to stop playing can become the result which is an addiction.

The purpose of this article is too aware you of the addiction causing among the kids for gaming. This article tells you that how gaming attracts the kids and kids get addict of playing video games.

How many are playing video games today?

Smart things have a quality to divert the mind of others and take the attention towards them. There are some medical issues which are arising among people which are some of the mental problems. It’s common to find that 10-20% people are safe from this addiction, but after research, only 5% people are there who are safe from this gaming addiction. Almost the entire world is playing video games today.

Why people get addict to it?

Past generation people spend most of the time playing outdoor games and stay healthy and fit. People who are interested in sports are also playing their sports in the virtual world gaming. People who were spending most of their time on making sculpture, today they spend their time in making sculpture in the video games. Video has some attractive features which attract the mind of people towards them, and it makes them addicted to it. Because of gaming people does not make efforts, they do not play outdoor games and does not take their body in use. It creates obesity and blocks their mind to develop for the real world. Here are some points are shown below which proves that why people get addict to the game

• People find something interesting which entertains them. Video games have the exciting features which attract the kids to play it.

• Games offer different opportunities to make their interest more, and it leads to spending time more on it.

• It gives a virtual identity to the kids and others also which find interesting.

• It requires less effort than playing in other games which they like the most. So that is why they play video games because they do not need to make any efforts in it.

• We can play games online social connections. It is so attractive and can play in an influencing way which established a relationship between the user and the virtual gaming world and connects with the human psychological behavior. It makes them addict towards games.


Games are made to play and have fun and entertainment, we should play games to refresh our mind, and it makes us feel relax. We all know that excess of everything is terrible, same as here also excess of playing of games can make you addict towards it. Hope this guide will help you to know that how gaming connects with the person and make them an addict. Hope that you all will take care of this and play in limit and never get addict to it.